Art to help guide your inner exploration. There is a current within all of us, searching for water, so that it can become form. The less we concern ourselves with water, the smoother the current seems to find its natural path, as if it brings water into being for itself, to create its own form.

Imagine, Flow

I imagine a vast empty volume of space. Into it I dapple colours. If I do so without intention to create, then sometimes the vast space will peek shyly through the dappled colours onto the minds eye, as if by mistake, like someone peeking around an unfamilar door.

Dapple, Disappear

These paintings beckon us to allow the emptiness of space to awaken and become momentarily alive within us, only to disappear again like a deer in the thick undergrowth of the forest.

Seeker, Search

Feel the curiosity that awakens within you when you press pause on the illusory nature of yourself and your world, and open yourself to the space around and within you. Not to fill that space, but to just observe it, and let it perhaps peek back at you. You may sense its curiosity, which has an ever so slight pull, like current seeking water.

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I do commissons to help guide your inner journey, to find your flow and give form to the current within you. Contact me here.


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